WinterPlan and AutoPlan





WinterPlan is a software planning tool for winter road maintenance activities. It allows you to thoroughly plan and assess all operations well in advance. This way you can be fully prepared for any acute road situation when the time comes!

By importing or entering relevant road data and equipment details WinterPlan calculates best course of action for optimal resource utilization. WinterPlan can actually help you reduce number of vehicles required by up to 40%!

Manual planning carried out in WinterPlan can be dramatically augmented with AutoPlan. AutoPlan efficiently analyzes tens of thousands of routing combinations to show the operator optimized strategies for best deploying resouces and material.

A variety of different conditions and contingencies may be quickly analyzed so that no matter what the weather brings, a consistent level of preparation and analysis will stand behind an effective and thorough response.


AutoPlan is fully integrated with WinterPlan which means that you can easily alternate between manual and automatic planning.

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WinterPlan and AutoPlan represent one part of a suite of products for road management, which also include RapidReach and Call&Report. These modules can be used either separately or together.


  • Planning of road maintenance operations for different types of actions, i.e. salting and plowing

  • Allocation of resources for most efficient utilization

  • Reduction of cost through improved resource utilization and minimized travel times

  • Documentation of maintenance plans

  • Cost calculations

  • Analysis and follow up of operations


  • User defined planning routes or areas

  • Import of road data (width, speed limits etc)

  • Import of equipment details (loading capacity, spreading width etc)

  • Schematic maps for a clear overview

  • Automatic planning with AutoPlan

  • Print outs of detailed route reports

  • Planning of several areas simoultaneously