RapidReach is a software notification tool enabling the
user to quickly call out crews for winter road maintenence.
With RapidReach you can make hundereds of calls in a
matter of minutes
with just a few mouse clicks! No time-consuming repetitive dialling and inquiring!

A call-out with RapidReach can be defined right before an operation, or in advance by creating a scenario. When a call-out has been activated RapidReach automatically contacts drivers via mobile phones or pagers, and registers all responses and non-responses in real-time. All activites
can be monitored on a computer screen during an on-going call-out.


With RapidReach you get your crews out on the roads
faster, which means that you can clear the roads sooner
- and, consequently, obtain increased road safety!


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If you are interested in other applications for RapidReach
- go to our RapidReach web site!

RapidReach represents one part of a suite of products for road management, which also include WinterPlan, and Call&Report.
These modules can be used either separately or together.


  • Faster call-outs of crews for winter road maintenence for:

- increased road safety

- cost-reductions

- increased efficiency

- improved information services

- stress reduction

- acurate record keeping!



  • Support for up to 480 phone lines

  • User defined individuals or groups

  • User defined messages

  • Remote activation

  • Pre-defined scenarios or "on-the-fly" activation

  • Support for phones, mobiles, pagers, fax and

  • Import of personnel data

  • Primary and secondary personnel

  • Possibility to print a large number of reports