Call&Report is a software tool enabling the user to report, present, and follow up on winter road maintenance operations and road conditions.

Manually documenting road activities is often very time consuming and may even delay urgent maintenenance. By automating this work Call&Report streamlines report writing and follow up considerably.


The drivers report information, such as vehicle number, route number and method (salting, plowing etc.), via mobile phones. All activities can be followed in real time on a computer screen. A wide range of both summerized and detailed reports can be generated afterwards.


Call&Report can also be used to provide the public with vital information about weather and road conditions. 


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Call&Report represents one part of a suite of products for road management, which also include WinterPlan, AutoPlan and RapidReach. These modules can be used either separately or





  • Immediate reporting and follow up on road maintenance activities

  • Reporting of road and weather conditions

  • Presentation of activities and road conditions in tabular overviews or graphically on a map

  • Analysis of material and time consumption for specific services or methods

  • Documentation of all road operations

  • Printed summerized or detailed reports

  • Calculation of salary, material and equipment costs



  • Tabular overviews

  • Overviews on a map

  • User defined road condition areas

  • Historical display of road conditions

  • Background layers in ESRI-format